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I totally forgot to do this last time. anyway here goes: Vision: This is fan art and some people need to realize that it's not official...

Well good news and bad news folks:

Bad news: ... Gotta find a new apartment, thus... no World of talking on mumble and skype D: and no DA updates of mah favorite artists *cries*

GOOD NEWS: I'm getting outta this fucking shit hole apartment that smells like weed, alcohol and cigs.

So it's now DRAMA STORY TIME!!!

Earlier this evening as I cooked some teriyaki stir-fried Hongkong style egg noodles I'm having a conversation with my disgusting douche bag of a roommate, Wil and my other dirt-bag roommate, Arthur. (you may have heard/read about him before in a previous journal entry) Back to the story. As I finish cooking we're watching a new show called "Worlds Worst Tenants"… (very awesome show by the way)  and for some odd reason or another the conversation went from shitty apartments to rat infestation, from there it escalated quickly to a humongous argument where Wil calls me a bitch and blames the gnat/insect infestation in our kitchen on me because I happen to use the kitchen often. Now that idiot thinks he can blame me for that shoot I'll take 50% of it because it's half of his garbage and his cat shits in the kitchen and it smells to high heaven and his window is always open so it lets in insects. My other roommate/best friend/guild leader/gay guy/protector of me, Paul, is pissed off and all hell breaks lose. After about an hour of pointing fingers we have come to the conclusion of fucking over Wil and Arthur. Why? Because Paul puts this whole apartment on his back. He works more then 50 hours a week and is going to be promoted at his work again. HE pays off more bills then anyone in the apartment and has to live in the living room back my other good guy roommate, Adam, is living in one of the rooms and I live in the other room. Adam is moving out this weekend and Paul wants the room since he was next on the lease to get it, instead Arthur wants to take the room even though he moved out almost two months ago and only just came back a week ago to live with us even with out the other's and mine's permission. If anything Paul and I should kick Arthur and Wil out but why do that when we can SEVERELY screw them over.

For those who've read one of my precious rant journals, Wil is a former Google employee who got fired but own a good amount of stock in the company. Unfortunately for him he's also not the smartest guy in the world. He's lost a lot of money from trades and his ex-fiancee took out $15000 of his shares because he forgot to take her off of them. He's on his last $10000 and that's going to go fast. He drinks 2 LARGE bottles of vodka and smoke 3 packs of cigs a day not to mention he's been smoking crack and weed all week. Arthur is a guy who can't keep track of his own money either, smokes weed daily and gambles daily. Wil doesn't work and Arthur is what I call a "Lying sack of shit" in a car salesman's body. It's too bad for both of them that the plumbing is bad, there are holes in the wall, it smells like high hell in the apartment and that {aul and I have given our last fuck to give.

SAYONARA MUTHAFUCKERS! But the gay man and chubby panda are gone from this shit hole and on to bigger and more awesome things >:D

will keep ya'll posted.


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I am a Nerdette/Geekette and closet Otaku. There are many things that I love and many things that I hate. I can be the sweetest person one minute and a total bitch the next.

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